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Franking machine suppliers

There are only 4 approved Royal Mail franking machine manufacturers in the UK: FP Mailing, Pitney Bowes, Quadient and Frama.

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FP Mailing

Established in 1923, FP Mailing are a leading supplier of franking machines committed to delivering the latest and most reliable solutions. Their high quality franking machines are produced in Germany and they are known for their outstanding customer service.

FP Mailing have been at the forefront of technology for franking since 1923. The first electronic franking machine, the first digital machine, the first inkjet machine and the first multi-carrier machine were among its inventions.

FP Mailing

FP Franking Machines

FP Mailing PostBase Mini franking machine

PostBase Mini

FP Postbase Vision 3S franking machine

PostBase Vision 3S

FP Postbase Vision 3S franking machine

PostBase Vision 5S

Postbase Vision 7A franking machine

PostBase Vision 7A

Postbase Vision 9A franking machine

PostBase Vision 9A

FP Mailing PostBase Ten franking machine

PostBase Ten

FP Mailing PostBase One franking machine

PostBase One

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes, founded in 1920, is an American technology company that offers different types of franking machines and office shipping solutions according to your business’ size. 

Pitney Bowes Franking Machines

Pitney Bowes DM60 franking machine


SendPro C


Pitney Bowes SendPro3000 franking machine



Quadient (formerly known as Neopost), is an international company that specialises in postage equipment. With a Quadient franking machine, you can save time & money and make your mail processing easier from the comfort of your desk


Quadient Franking Machines

Quadient IS-280c franking machine


Quadient IN-360 franking machine


Quadient IN-600 franking machine



Frama UK Ltd manufactures and sells Swiss-made franking machines as well as letter openers, folders, inserters and shredders. Despite being the smallest of the UK’s 4 authorised franking machine manufacturers, they offer a complete range of models that compare positively to the other suppliers.


Frama Franking Machines

Frama Fs Series 3 franking machine

Fs Series 3

Farma Fn Series 5 franking machine

Fn Series 5

Farma Fn Series 7.5 franking machine

Fn Series 7.5

Fn Series 9