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Franking Machine, Online Franking, Mailmark, Folder & Inserter

Franking Machine

Franking Machines

Franking machines differ in size, speed and functionality. We will listen to your needs, understand your mailing processes and advise you on the best option for your business.

ParcelForce FrankPay (parcel franking machine)

Sending parcels and packages? FrankPay provides a convenient way to pay for parcel deliveries using your franking machine. All franking machines have access to the FrankPay service provided by Parcel Force. Simply enter your franking machines DIE number on the FrankPay website and receive access to discounted parcel services that can be paid for via your franking machine.

Mailmark & Mailmark Franking

Mailmark is a Royal Mail service that is accessible through a franking machine. It’s an advanced 2D barcoded system providing a quicker service and a bigger discount than standard franking. Royal Mail Mailmark gives you up to 33% savings vs. stamps if your franking machine is ‘Mailmark ready’.

Mailmark Extra is an extra penny refund on top of the existing Mailmark discounts for every letter you send! If you have an FP franking machine, you can access exclusive Mailmark Extra.

Folding and Inserting machine

A folder inserter machine is a great accompaniment to your franking machine. It will fold and insert letters into envelops automatically which works out to be up to 10x faster than doing it manually. Folder Inserter machines can accompany your franking machine to help streamline your processes.

Postage Solutions & Franking Machine for Small Business

franking machine for small business

If you only send a small amount of mail (just 5 letters a day), you can still benefit from savings from many different solutions.

Get in touch to see what’s best for you.

Large Corporates/ Industrial Frankning Machines

industrial franking machine

If you need a solution for large volumes of different types of mail from different areas of the business then we can help!

Get in touch to see what’s best for you.

Franking Machines for NHS & Other Public Sectors

Franking machine for NHS

We have helped many Public Sector organisations to find their best solutions. We can offer secure solutions for all different sized operations, under the CCS framework. Get in touch to & find out more on franking machines for NHS & other public sectors.

What Do You Need To Know ?

We’re here to listen & advise on how you can save on postage

The mailing solutions world can be a little confusing at times, so to help you decide the best ones for you here’s a bit of additional info.

Royal Mail Franking Machine

Royal mail has authorised four companies in the UK to manufacture & sell franking machines. You need to buy or rent franking machines from them or from their authorised sellers, not from Royal Mail directly. All Royal Mail licensed franking machines give you access to Royal Mail franking and Royal Mail Mailmark rates automatically. The rates may vary as the manufacturers often offer special deals.

Stamps vs. Franking

With access to Royal Mail franking rates, you can save up to 24% on franking your mail over stamping it! Your post will also look more professional with your company logo and return address. You can also save your self time as you don’t have to queue at the Post Office anymore.

Does Franking Save Money?

Having a franking machine gives you access to Royal Mail franking rates; these rates are cheaper than stamps. This means that even though there is a cost to rent a franking machine, the savings you make on your mail can outweigh that cost. The reason why the rates are lower compared to stamps is due to the fact that processing is easier for the Royal Mail.

Alternatives To Franking

Saveonmail can guide you with alternatives to sending your mail through a franking machine. For example- Online franking can benefit customers sending transactional mail and Secure Email can benefit customers needing secure, encrypted ways to send emails. We can also guide you on Mailmark, Mailmark Extra and BMA rates and volume requirements. If are you are interested in other alternatives, please get in touch and one of our expert advisors can help!

Royal mail franking

Online franking

You can send your letters from your computer and the rest is done for you. Your letter will be received securely, printed, folded and inserted into an envelope, franked and sent to the recipient all from the click of a button.

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It may be something else about franking services that you want to know such as; Do I need a franking machine? Does a franking machine save money? Who are the franking machine suppliers? What are the postage options for small business? Or to understand more about Post Office franking rates, franking machine prices, buying or renting a franking machine in UK, cheap or basic franking machine, franked mail, franking stamp, postage machine,  mail franking …. Whatever the query, we’re here to listen and answer.

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